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Here is where I would like all members to introduce themselves and share something about themselves. Since I am the creator of this site, I'll start.

propertyofwyatt   is one and the same with nuavarion  . I wanted a fresh start and posting new stories I intend on posting all new story content as propertyofwyatt  and all older stories as nuavarion  became a bit much to keep up with so I have gone through and removed all my posts as nuavarion   to the community save for the one here on the introductions thread. Videos will be posted at a later date since I have Youtube keep sending me copyrighted music posts and I really don't want to set them to something they suggest since I timed them to the one I chose, so I've been removing them from there. Sometime after the first of the year Eventually I will have my own website again on which I will have my stories, art and videos, so I will repost them when I have them there instead of Youtube. 

I created this community for those who love the land of Oz in all its forms, original as Frank L. Baum created it, through adaptations in movies from The Wizard of Oz and Return to Oz to Sci Fi's Tin Man. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Oh! Just so that I don't freak anyone out later.... Please read the following post on my journal.

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