Fic: Tin Horses and Paper Planes - Chapter 9

Title: Tin Horses and Paper Planes - Chapter 9.
Rating: PG
Warnings: (pre)Slash
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Chapter 9 - Court in the Act.

Disclaimer: Aside from my background interests, I claim no medical expertise. Please do not use this chapter as a guide to warming a severely hypothermic person

The poem Glitch (mis)quotes is Hope is the Thing with Feathers by Emily Dickinson. Hey - if Shakespeare can make it to the OZ, why not the work of other Othersiders?

And finally: some inflammatory language is used in this chapter that may offend. In case it needs stating, opinions and attitudes of characters depicted may not necessarily reflect my own. Daniel Cain, I'm looking at you.

Chapter 9

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Well, I've found a new fandom. No, I don't plan on leaving this one any time soon, so no worries, but after seeing two seasons of the show Merlin, I had little doubt that there would be a following and a slashing of Merlin and Arthur to the old legends of Camelot. And I was not at all disappointed - save for maybe some AU stuff and writers using present day English in a lot of their writing. Somehow I just can't see Merlin as a present day person going to college, lol. What did surprise me was the fandom size. There are over 40 pages of stories on Fan Fiction Net. So, I'm here to say if you would like to start adding stories of Merlin to the_old_road, I would not be complaining :o)

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Art(?): The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Lemon Brick Cake

Hello all! This here be my first post!

I recently posted a culinary creation on my blog inspired by The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and I set out to look for people who might appreciate it. I wasn't sure what to title this, and "Art" is the closest thing I could find. On my blog, I'm starting a feature of culinary creations inspired by my favorite books, and the first one is The Wonderful Wizard of Oz! Here's a peek:

Here we have brick-layered lemon yellow cake with lemon frosting “mortar”, an outside layer of whipped lime icing, sprinkled poppy seeds along the sides, and shards of lime emerald hard candy pieces scattered on top.

When we began considering The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the most obvious impressions that came to mind were Emerald City, the yellow brick road, and themes of childhood adventure and magic. A fluffy, fruity cake seemed most appropriate for representing the glorious imagination of childhood, so we went with lemon and lime flavors...

The rest is under a fake lj-cut to the original post:

(The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Lemon Brick Cake-- and recipe!)

Hope you at least found this interesting (and even try the recipe for yourself =D)

Announcement: A Personal Request

Hey all,

I have a personal request going out to the group, particularly since I love reading all the stories that come through. If I haven't read yours yet, there's a reason, and I hope that you aren't offended if I haven't gotten to your work and that you consider granting this request of mine so that I can. Lately, my ADD has become REALLY BAD, so bad in fact that I have a hard time reading even to catch up on posting my own work. If I find my ADD flaring up, and force myself to read anyway, I can give myself major migraines as the words will start swimming around on the screen or page or whatever I am looking at to read something. It really sucks because my ADD is still left untreated and likely will be unless I can get my herbs for my natural remedies covered by insurance which I am in the process of doing, and find something that will help since I can no longer take, nor do I WANT to take pharmaceutical medication since my body just builds a tolerance to them. Lately I have been relying on topical methods for controlling pain such as Icy Hot if its over the counter, or lavender oil, peppermint oil and a blended oil I get from a company called DoTerra. I know what you're probably thinking, "If you have trouble reading, how can you write so much?" am I right? Well, to answer that question, all I can say is that I look at the blankness of the page and the ideas just flow, its like painting for the first time on a blank canvas, where as when I read, it gets constrewed as if I'm painting over something that is already there. SO, it is with this all in mind that I send out the request to record an audio file to attach using the media link here of you or someone else reading your chapter or your story. You will need a microphone for this but there's a program in Windows that will record audio without further purchase. If you want another audio recorder, I suggest checking out cnet.com for what's hot, and then doing a torrent search for it using thepiratebay.com, mininova.com, isohunt.com or simply google for torrents of the program you wish to use. While I don't necessarily CONDONE such acts, I have had to use them in the past as well, so I suggest purchasing them if you can't and leave torrent search and download for a last resort. You will need a bit torrent download program to download torrent files as well. I use Utorrent that can be found free from www.utorrent.com.

Thank you,